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Curated at-home activities that make stepping out boring.

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Learn a language. Bake a cake. Break a sweat. The possibilities are endless. Use it daily to discover new worlds and break old mindsets.

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Making homes GREAT, one home at a time.

Home has never been more important than ever before. With the world in lockdown, what better time to care and connect with your loved ones?

#Makehomesgreatagain is a movement inviting ‘stay-hommers’ to do something they’ve always wanted to do with their love ones but never got to and challenge someone to it. ‘Ask Phoebe’, an AI-driven chatbot offers a treasure trove of social-distance friendly activity ideas while it helps businesses market their services, keeping them in business. It is created by TAIGER, a semantic AI company specialising in developing next generation search engines and chatbots.

More brains make work ~

Partner with us to make this project better. If you are an organisation, an individual or a business with a great idea that could benefit this cause, don’t be shy. We’d love to connect with you!